Safe Food For Canadians Regulatory Compliance

What do you need to get ready?

By consolidating inspection authority, inspectors are now cross-trained on the various commodities that were previously segregated (Meat, Fish, Processed Products, Honey, Maple Products, etc).

There is now a requirement for full traceability of products. That means that processors, importers and distributors must be able to identify where any given lot of food product is bought, and where it is sold.

All trade out of province requires that a facility is registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, whereas previously this was only required for specific categories of food products.

Importers will require CFIA licenses and will be held responsible for the safety of the products they import. They must also have a full traceability system in place.
Inspectors will have wider access to documentation and computer records regarding safety, value, origin, formulations, quality, composition and character of food products.

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Safe Food for Canadians Act
Safe Food Regulations
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