Food Labeling Guide for Canada


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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has a guide for food labeling in Canada called the “Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising”. This guide provides detailed information on the regulatory requirements for labeling and advertising food products in Canada.

The guide covers a wide range of topics, including the mandatory label information, such as the common name of the food, the list of ingredients, the nutrition facts table, and the allergen statement. It also covers voluntary claims, such as organic, natural, and free-from claims, and provides guidance on how these claims can be made in compliance with the regulations.

The guide also includes information on how to use bilingual labeling (English and French), how to calculate and declare the serving size, how to list ingredients in the correct order, and how to declare nutrient content claims and health claims.

CFIA also provides specific guidance documents for certain types of foods, such as meat products, dairy products, and honey, to ensure that these products are labeled correctly and in compliance with the regulations.

It is important for businesses to consult the CFIA’s guide and other relevant guidance documents when labeling their food products to ensure that they comply with all regulatory requirements and avoid any legal issues.