Premium and Affordable Refurbished Meat Processing Equipment

5 Reasons to buy Refurbished Meat Processing Equipment

Refurbished Meat Processing equipment presents a unique opportunity to meat processors of all sizes to invest in premium equipment that performs like new and costs less than used equipment commonly available in the North American market. Much of the used equipment available is sold as-is where-is, and can present as much as a challenge as an opportunity. This can lead to buyers getting equipment that requires extensive and expensive service, and even scenarios where replacement parts are no longer available. We take the worry out of buying used meat processing equipment, by offering refurbished meat processing equipment that offers you piece of mind: It works like it was supposed to.

Refurbished Meat Processing Equipment

1. Take advantage of Germany's surplus of used meat processing equipment

Used meat processing equipment in Germany must be fully refurbished and all the electronic components must be replaced in order for them to be legally resold. All equipment is inspected and tested by German authorities to ensure that such equipment is in essentially factory-condition (aside from cosmetic issues).

This means that you buy equipment guaranteed to work when properly installed, and having the equipment work when you plug it in. This helps your productivity and downtime issues. Many processors also elect to purchase additional units to have available for when the main equipment requires down-time for servicing.

Equipment can be customized with transformers and frequency adjusters to ensure that North American current and voltage are adapted to function with the equipment.

2. Types of Refurbished Meat Processing Equipment available

All types of equipment is available. Most  commonly sold are:

  • Smokehouses – with curing, smoking, steaming, cooking, showering and cleaning cycles from PLC controlled and Wi-Fi assisted controllers, allowing you to control cook cycles remotely.
  • Silent Cutters /Bowl Choppers – with forward and reverse gears and optional unloading mechanisms
  • Vacuum Stuffers / Linkers – vane technology to ensure low wear and accurate dosing with option stuffer cart lifting devices
  • Injectors
  • Tumblers
  • Mixers
  • Grinders

The following manufacturers are represented:

  • Reich Smokehouses
  • Handtmann Stuffers & Linkers
  • Seydelmann Silent Cutters and Grinders
  • Rühle injectors, Tumblers
  • Freye Stuffers
Refurbished Meat Procesing Equipment - Vacuum Stuffer

3. How can I save money? Isn't it expensive to ship?

The primary reason that used meat processing equipment in North America is expensive is that there is a shortage of quality equipment. This is not the case in Germany, where the equipment is made. With most meat processors opting for the German technology and superior quality meat processing equipment, this creates a shortage in the market. Additionally, North American representatives of German producers control their own used equipment by buying it back and refurbishing it, and reselling it at premium prices. 

Even factoring in the cost of shipping and duties, most of the equipment can be delivered cheaper to North American than you can purchase it used and not refurbished. This means that you too, can get the premium equipment into your meat shop at a reasoanble price. With premium equipment and superior performance, your productivity and quality will improve substantially.

Refurbished Meat Processing Equipment - Smokehouse

4. What about parts and service?

When you work with FTC’s team of professionals, we ensure that the refurnished meat processing equipment selected has an ample supply of parts available, and that the equipment has not been discontinued. We also have a network of professionals who can service and install the equipment to factory requirements.

Refurbished Meat Processing Equipment - Injector

5. Warrantees

When the equipment is installed to factory specifications, the manufacturers or professional refurbishing operation can even include limited warrantees for the refurbished meat processing equipment.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. Equipment is not stored in inventory, it is sourced for your specific needs. 

Customers do not pay FTC, you deal directly with the refurbishing teams in Germany.

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