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Let us help you grow your business by taking the hassle out of food labeling and food safety compliance.
Food Quality Consulting Services

FTC’s Quality Assurance Consulting team assists with the design and implementation of integrated Quality Assurance Systems and Quality Control Systems.

If your firm is having problems with specific issues such as undesired microbial growth, reducing shelf life, increases in loss, variable product quality, or issues related to processing, formulation or packaging, we can help.

Our Quality Assurance consultants understand the importance of optimizing productivity, while ensuring the safest and best quality products in manufacturing systems.

Quality Assurance Systems are a management structure to the Quality System. It defines the standards for measurements of critical parameters, and standardizes the methods of operation.

Quality Control Programs should be designed to monitor the standards established in the Quality Assurance program. They provide measurement and enforcement of the Quality Assurance program to achieve and maintain consistency and safety of your products.

FTC’s experts offer food quality consulting services with:

  • Quality Assurance systems & Quality Control systems design;
  • Quality Assurance systems & Quality Control systems implementation;
  • Testing
  • Proving & Auditing Quality Assurance systems & Quality Control systems;
  • Documenting the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good
  • Manufacturing Practices (GMPs);
  • Employee training programs.
  • Food Plant Audits & NHP Plant Audits
  • Food Safety studies and training
  • Shelf Life Determination and Studies
  • Preventative Control Plan

Our food consulting services include the ability to provide independent audits of your operation. We focus on Food Quality, Product Quality and Efficiency.

Food Consulting

FTC’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control Consultants help you be proactive. You may expect health authority inspections or customer audits. Together we will review and assess your systems, suggest improvements and revisions. Together, we will get you ready.

Ensuring the quality of a food product should be the manufacturer’s prime objective. Many factors can influence food quality. Such factors include:

Physical hazards – metal fragments, residual rocks / pebbles, glass fragments, plastic fragments. FTC’s food quality experts can help you determine how to optimize your product’s quality and minimize the chances of recall.

For help with Food Quality Assurance and Food Regulationscontact us and we will be happy to help!

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