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Food Product Development Services

FTC’s food product development consulting services have a reputation of quick, efficient and effective service.

With extensive experience in many areas of the food industry, our food scientists offer you the ability to have quick turn-around, cost effective food product development professionals available to you.

With projects ranging from single products to a diverse product line, formulations from concept or reformulation of existing products, we can help.

Our technologists have successfully helped launch thousands of new products.

For existing products we can also provide you with assistance on shelf life determination, stability studies and shelf life extension

Our food product development technologists start by consulting with your team to establish the expected product characteristics, the processing parameters, the intended market, the desired nutritional profile and expected ingredient declaration.
Once the project is clearly defined, we start by preparing bench-top prototypes to refine the product formulation.


When the product formulation nears completion, we will submit samples for panel evaluation. Based on the feedback from the taste panel, we will finalize the product formula, and provide you with the product’s relevant information, including:

  • formulation,
  • product specification,
  • ingredient declaration,
  • nutrition information
  • nutrition facts panel and
  • processing parameters.


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