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Let us help you grow your business by taking the hassle out of food labeling and food safety compliance.
We Will Ensure That Your Product Adheres to Strict Quality & Safety Standards.

Food Label Consulting Services

Our food consulting services have a lot to offer to manufacturers, importers, distributors and exporters

If your firm is looking to launch a new or existing product in the Canadian or US market, our expert food consulting services can help prodive some guidance to ensure that your food labels are compliant with regulations on both sides of the border. We can help. We will review each aspect of your product label and provide you with a detailed report that your graphic designer can use to design the label. We will review the final label as part of the project, to ensure everything is right before it’s taken to print. Read more…

Nutrition Facts & Nutrition Analysis

If you have an existing Nutrition Facts Panel and need it converted for either the US or Canadian market, many aspects come into play. The formatting of the lines, the translation, the footnotes, the %DV are all different.

If you have a product recipe or formula, and need nutrition analysis, send it to us – we’ll provide you with an analysis a nutrition facts table for Canada of for the US, whichever you require. Let us know if you want it in .BMP, .PDF or .JPG format, we can accommodate your needs. Read more…

Product & Process Development Services

For producers that have new products in mind, we can work with you and your team to define and develop new products in just about any field. We have extensive experience in many food product types, and can help you from concept to store shelf.

For those who want their product or production process improved, we do that too! Optimizing production processes, solving product production problems, or reformulation are all part of what we do. Read more…

Organic Certification Consulting

Organic Food Products are becoming more and more mainstream. The challenges for a conventional producer to switch to organic, need not be insurmountable. We can help source, and prepare your product and production operation for organic certification. Read more…

Quality & Food Safety Consulting

Developing Quality and Good Manufacturing Practice operations can be a daunting task. Solving shelf life or quality problems frequently are much easier when you have a knowledgeable outside view on the problem. FTC can help document quality operations, good manufacturing practices and assist with food safety and shelf life or quality issues. Read more…

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