Nutrition Facts Panels in Canada and the U.S.A.

Regulations require that food manufacturers who sell packaged food products, with very few exceptions, require a nutrition facts panel on the package. Most retailers, even when the law does not require it, will want to see it on your product.

FTC has extensive experience in the analysis of nutrition data from recipes and formulations. Using private and public nutrition databases and calculation programs, we can produce a compliant Nutrition Facts panels that meet either the US or Canadian regulations

We are often asked if the same Nutrition Facts Panel can be used in the US and in Canada. Unfortunately, for various reasons, including formatting, requirements for minimum size, and differences in the DV of certain nutrients, this is not permitted.

Laboratory Nutrition Analysis versus Database Analysis

Laboratory Nutrition Analysis for foods can be expensive when the conventional laboratory is used. Neither the FDA nor the CFIA require a laboratory analysis. They simply require that the information is accurate within a certain margin of error.

Fortunately there is an alternative. Software nutrition analysis uses data compiled from thousands of food samples, providing the user with an average value. This is more likely to produce an accurate result than a single sampling (due to variations in prodcut preparation and growth conditions of the raw materials) .Using data compiled from thousands of ingredients and food products from many manufacturers, the USDA and private databases, nutrition facts can be calculated based on the formulation and processing parameters of your products.

The procedure for preparing a Nutrition Label

The procedure is simple: You send us your formulation / recipe; and the method for preparation. We will need to know a little information, such as how much moisture is lost during processing, and how much the net yield is. From there, we’ll be able to provide you with fully formatted Nutrition Facts panels and Nutrition Analysis information within a few days.

In what format do you get the Nutrition Label? Pretty much anyway you need. We typically do them in .BMP or .JPG format, but can also to .PNG, .PDF, .AI, or other common graphic file types. They will be ready for integration with your current artwork

Nutrition Labeling and Nutrition Facts consulting from FTC… it just makes sense

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