Introducing NüSweet (™) a highly versatile sugar replacer.

NüSweet (™)

a highly versatile sugar replacer

NüSweet is a one-for-one (by weight) sugar replacer that tastes and functions like sugar. NüSweet can be used to replace up to 100% of sugar in virtually all applications while delivering half the calories and nearly 75% fibre. NüSweet allows manufacturers and users to replace sugar with all the taste, sweetness and mouthfeel consumers expect.

• Weight – to – weight replacement of sugar
• Water activity control
• Undergoes Maillard browning
• Can be used for osmotic dehydration
• Freezing point depression
• Contributes reduced calories
• Contributes nearly 75% fibre by weight
• Bulking
• Freezing point depression
• 0 added sugar
• Clean Label: Oligosaccharides (Tapioca
Fibre, Stevia Extract, Natural Flavour)

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