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Getting your product to market, understanding food label and nutrition panel regulations, keeping track of ever changing guidelines and staying compliant with food safety regulations – whew, that’s a lot! Taking care of those details can feel like a full time job. And, you know your time is your most valuable business asset. Put the power of the experienced food consultants at FTC to work for you! We can help wade through the technicalities, so you can focus on your core business.  Set up a Consultation

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Need help with nutrition panels and food industry compliance? We can do that!

Are food label rules and regulations driving you crazy? Do you have a new product ready to go to market? Need to get organic certification? Wading through the law just not your thing? We can help you with that! It’s easy to get started with FTC!

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Set up a Consultation

Set up a free consultation with one of our food science consultants about your project to see how we can help you with: food labeling, nutrition analysis, nutrition labeling, nutrition fact panels, organic certification, product development, regulatory compliance, food safety and much more.

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Review your project with one of our experienced food consultants.

It’s extremely difficult to wade through all of the details of food compliance and food regulation. Let us do the hard work for you! We can take care of getting your food product compliant with current regulations in the US, Canada and EU, and help you with ingredient declarations and food safety regulations among other things.

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We tailor our services to fit the needs of each individual business. Our process is not a one size fits all – we listen to the needs of your business and your industry, and adjust our quotes and recommendations accordingly.

Calling All Food Entrepreneurs: Frustration Free Food Industry Compliance

Let us help you grow your business by taking the hassle out of food labeling and food safety compliance. Need to take a product to market? Confused by all the rules and regulations? Need organic certification? We can help!

Food Consulting Services

Food Label Consulting, Nutrition Facts and Nutrition Analysis Creation and Review, Product Development, Process Development, Organic Certification Consulting, Quality & Food Safety Consulting, Regulatory Compliance Review and Consulting, Nutrition and Food Labeling Services

We Work With Brands, Big and Small

FTC and our experienced food science experts have consulted for some of the world’s best brands. We’ve helped develop hundreds(thousands?) of products and have a combined experience of 35 years in the food science industry. Take the headache out of bringing your product to market and staying compliant with food label and nutrition panel rules and regulations – call FTC today!

Food Science Consulting for your product niche/Some industries we service

Sports Nutrition, Ice Cream and Dairy, Liquor and Beverage, Organic Products, Sauces and Gravies, Frozen Foods, Pre-Packaged Foods, Jams, Fillings and Confections, Restaurant Items, Meat, Soft Drinks, Cosmetics,

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