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Food Labeling in Canada is a complex array of confusing regulations, rules and requirements that vary with product, pack size, serving size. FTC’s food label consulting expertise is there to guide you through the regulatory maze of laws and regulations, and help you bring your product to market.

In both the USA and Canada, the minimum requirement is the Common Name, Net Weight/Volume, Ingredient Declaration, Nutrition Facts table, producer name & contact information, and allergen declaration.

Canada requires bilingual (English/French) food labelling information on all sales. For sales in Québec, the font sizes must be greater than or equal to the English text.


We can evaluate nutrient content claims, negative claims, health claims as part of the review process to ensure that your label meets all regulatory requirements


The Canadian government requires that the Core information is bilingual, not necessarily the marketing text. Marketing text is any information that provides the consumer with information that is not part of the Core Information.

In practicality, to sell products in Canada, all text on Canadian food should be fully bilingual. Retailers will expect it, and the Quebec government strictly enforces violations of their language laws.


Food Labels are used extensively, aiming for a competitive advantage. They include Health Claims, Nutritent Content Claims, and Nutrition labelling Claims Negative Claim and Quality Claims.

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FDA Compliant Food Labels

Food labels and nutrition labelling (list of ingredients & nutrition facts table) and percent daily value or nutrition claims are either regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) or the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), depending on what category your food falls into. 

Labels require a Principal Display panel with the Net Contents in the bottom third of that Panel. The Nutrition Facts, Ingredient and allergen listing and Manufacturer/Distributor details should be adjacent and to the right of that panel, with no intervening material between.

Nutrient content and Health Claims are strictly regulated.

Most food products are subject to FDA regulations, whereas Meat, Fish, Poultry and Wildlife are subject to USDA regulations

The US permits bilingual information, as long as English is first.

We can create Nutrition Facts tables of all sorts, both for the US and Canadian markets.


How we do a Food Label Review
Preliminary Food Label Compliance Review

Review of all aspects of product labels, either to FDA or CFIA for drug regulations standards, including ingredient declaration, nutrition facts panel, net contents declaration, country of origin, bilingual content (including translation if required). You will receive a detailed report of all the items that need to be brought into compliance. Once you, or your graphic artist have revised all the items detailed in the report, we will conduct a pre-press review of all final artwork for label accuracy and compliance with Canadian CFIA or US FDA standards.

One-time Regulatory Support

Have issues with specific aspects of a label? Nutrient content claims? An hour’s worth of answers from your food label consultant is available on the spot.

European Labeling

Through partnerships with European consultants we can offer compliance reviews with most European jurisdictions, including translation of most languages.

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