We can do this in a few ways: We start with your recipe/formula and we plug the information in one of our databases. Then, based on the size of the label, the required serving size and other information, we develop an appropriate Nutrition Facts table. Alternatively, if you have an existing analysis and need it converted to the Canadian or US formats, we plug that information in and prepare your NFT. We can provide these in .PDF; .JPG, .BMP or many other formats that you may need.


Typically, customers come to us with final mock-ups of their label and we will review it for compliance with the laws of the country where it is being sold. We look at the ingredient declaration, nutrition facts panel, allergen information, font sizes, label sizes in relation to the container, orientation of information and organization of information. We also review the possible claims (Nutrition content and or Health claims, as well as competitive claims). We deliver you a report that outlines all the information for the graphic designer to implement. Then we will do a final review before print. All for one low price. Call us for a quote today!


US Labeling laws differ from Canadian one significantly. There are many areas that need to be evaluated, including the Nutrition Facts table, which has different formatting and special sizing requirements in Canada, depending on the size of your container.


Typically, we can take the necessary information and ensure that it is properly arranged on the label, we ensure that the core information is present, convert nutrition data into a US format Nutrition Facts Table, verify font size, check net weigh information, check manufacturer and country of origin statements. Like with all our other label work, we include a final review in our price to ensure that the right label goes to print.


Typically, we can turn the information around in 1 – 2 days if all the information is available. But we do have other clients, so we usually ask for a week just to be safe.


That is a loaded question!

At our end, some products take a week or less, other, the more difficult ones, can take months. But that is just to develop the formulation. Then you will still need a nutrition facts table (we’ll throw that in), as well as all the label information (we’ll throw that in as well), a pilot test (to make sure our formula works in the factory, a scale up to full production, graphic design, etc. A full new product launch is typically a year or more.


Typically not. For public health reasons, local health authorities have laws in place to prevent you from selling home-made product to the public. You will be required to: rent a commercial kitchen for preparing your food product or have someone else make the product while you sell it.