New Study Claims Cultivated Meat’s Current Path Is Significantly Worse for Environment Than Beef

Article posted in The Spoon, May 16, 2023, author: Michael Wolf A new life-cycle analysis by researchers at UC Davis has concluded that the current path of the cultivated meat industry’s commercialization process is potentially orders of magnitude worse for the environment than beef produced through animal agriculture, producing anywhere from 4 to 25 times more…


Starting a New Food Manufacturing Business?

Food Business Plan FTC International Consulting can help you with many aspects of planning for a food manufacturing business. To start with, you will need to write a Business Plan. Business plans are used a template for planning your business, and can assist with obtaining funding through investments or loans from banks or private lenders….

Do The New Bc Food Safety Regulations Affect Your Business?

Do the New BC Food Safety Regulations affect your business?

BC Food Safety Regulations The Government of British Columbia enacted regulations in 2014 to enhance food safety in BC’s food processing industry. These regulatory changes require that as a food processor, you will need to develop, maintain and follow a written Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point – (HACCP) based food safety plan, as well as…

Inside The Food Industry: The Surprising Truth About What You Eat

Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat

Think you eat only healthy, unprocessed foods? Think again. Joanna Blythman went undercover and discovered that even your fruit salad is not what it seems… By: Joanna Blythman Saturday 21 February 2015 03.00 EST       Photograph: Franck Allais for the Guardian On a bright, cold day in late November 2013, I found myself in the dark,…

FDA Education Resources

FDA’s Center for Food Safety – Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) Education Resource Library is a compilation of printable educational materials on topics related to food safety, nutrition (including labeling, dietary supplement and cosmetics. The materials on the FDA website are intended for educators, teachers, dietitians and health professionals, as well as for general consumer education. To…

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