Starting a New Food Manufacturing Business?

Food Business Plan

FTC International Consulting can help you with many aspects of planning for a food manufacturing business.

To start with, you will need to write a Business Plan. Business plans are used a template for planning your business, and can assist with obtaining funding through investments or loans from banks or private lenders.

Your Food Business Plan should include:

1.     Company Vision and Mission Statements

2.     SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunitie, Threats)

3.     Analysis of Start-up Costs

4.     Market Analysis

a.     Sources of Revenue

b.     Competition Analysis

c.     Market Advantages

d.     Barriers to Entry

5.     Regulatory requirements – what regulatory bodies will oversee your business, what licenses will you require, what regulations apply to your labelling and packaging

6.     Cash Flow Projections

7.     Assets & debts

8.     Financial Planning

a.     Revenue

b.     Fixed Expenses

c.     Variable Expenses

d.     Collections

e.     Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

f.      Projected Income & Net Worth

9.     Human Resource Planning

10.  Throughput Analysis – how much product can you produce on a given day / week?

11.  Risk Assessment & Mitigation

12.  Other considerations:

a.     Equipment requirements

b.     Packaging requirements

c.     Food Safety planning (Preventative Control Plan / HACCP Plan)

d.     Sanitation & Pest Control

13.  Disaster / Pandemic Recovery

FTC International Consulting is one of the approved consultants under the BC Agri-Business Planning Program, which provides funding for new food businesses.

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We would be happy to assist you in helping you write all aspects of your Business Plan. Give us a call today or email us.



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