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We have an extensive strategic and hands-on experience in food consulting.

FTC International: Featured Project

Regulatory / Food Law / Labeling / Nutrition Analysis

  • Nutrition Analysis

  • Nutrition Facts Panels

  • Ingredient declarations (Canadian, US, EU, Australia, New Zealand)

  • Label Regulatory Compliance Reviews (US, Canada, EU)

  • Final Regulatory Compliance Reviews (US, EU, Canada)

  • Federally registered processing facility compliance documentation

  • GMP / SOP documentation

  • Provincial food safety compliance consultation (BC, Alberta)

Food Product Development

  • Food & Drink: Sports Nutrition Beverage Products; Protein Beverages; Energy Drinks; Amino acid supplements; etc.

  • Ice Cream Products: Full fat; ice cream cakes (food service, retail, sorbets, gelatos; soft serve mixes)

  • Hemp Protein Isolate (95% pure)

  • Organic Gin

  • Premium retorted pouched RTE meals for institutional use(soup, stews, breakfasts, pastas)

  • Sauces for retorted salmon and tuna

  • Flavoured syrups (bar mixes)

  • Organic soft drinks

  • Vegan Pesto

  • Bubble tea beverage mix

  • Sauces (pepper, hollandaise, pestos)

  • Slushy mixes with natural juice concentrates

  • Powdered Frozen dessert mixes

  • Meat products: sausages; roasts; hams; bacon

  • Jams and confitures, bakery fillings

  • Non-staining theatrical blood

Food Process Development

  • Process for isolation and purification of protein from hemp seed cake

  • Design and assist with structuring of a ingredient blending plant.

  • Process design for the osmotic / forced air dehydration of sliced cranberries and whole blueberries

Quality Assurance

  • Design and development of Quality Assurance Manuals, including Food Safety programs & GMPs.

  • Design and development of Hazards Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) programs, including prerequisite programs, SOPs, GMPs, recall etc.

  • Design and development and training of Quality Control procedures, including product testing methods, sample collection procedures, sample retention, lot number tracking and documentation

Food Safety

  • Design & conduct challenge studies to determine the safety of bread products with meat, cheese and vegetable inclusions and toppings stored at ambient temperature

  • Development and implementation of HACCP programs in various facilities (Food Service, Dairy processing facilities)

  • Training of employees in Food Safety, HACCP requirements

Natural Health Products

  • NHP Site License Applications

  • NHP Product License Application

  • Safety & Efficacy Research

Processes / Product Solutions For Sale

  • The following unencumbered products / process solutions are available for sale:

  • Retorted Shelf Stable Frozen Dessert Mix (Food Service Application)

  • Retorted Creamy Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Shrimp, Crab and Tuna Paté for sale in metal tubes

  • Natural preservatives and cure for meat products

  • Natural preservation system for refrigerated dairy products

  • Salt replacement: Allows for reduction of up to 75% of sodium in most food products with no significant reduction in flavour

  • Nutrition bars for WHO world food program in abating malnutrition


  • Market Studies

  • Literature Review on the Cold Chain in BC 2015

  • Microbiological Challenge Studies

  • Fermentation efficacy and pathogen control

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