Who (We Are)

Old World Organics is a full service organic and natural food brokerage service based in the tristate area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

We are focused specifically on the industry foodservice needs of:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Health and Hospitals
  • Hotels and Lodging
  • Independent Restaurants
  • K-12 schools
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Independent and National Retail Grocery
  • Cruise and Travel Industry

Our carefully selected brand partners allow us to offer high quality, organic and natural meats, and pork, poultry and specialty products straight from the farm to your business.

Launched in (?) Old World Organics was created to service a gap in the market for organic and natural meats and poultry to beyond the retail market. Started as a personal passion project by owner Tiscia Bonanno, the Old World Organics team started asking industry foodservice purchasers what would make a difference in their respective programs. The buyers spoke up for better quality, healthy, wholesome brands – natural and organic products that they could offer as alternatives to preserved food with indecipherable ingredients to enrich their foodservices programs. Viola, Old World Organics was born! Our commitment to healthy organic food with full transparency in sourcing is the foundation of our business.

We offer upscale, healthy, natural and organic food to our clients in a variety of industries. If you are a foodservice purchaser or just want to bring healthy food to your business, give us a call to set up a demo today!

Some examples of our top-selling programs:

Organic or Natural Domestic Beef Program

  • 4000 acres of Grass, Water and Shelter
  • Precise Cut Program – retail ready, roll stock
  • Foodservice ready
  • USDA Organic or Natural
  • Full transparency – farm to fork

NY Local Beef Program

Organic and Natural Chicken Program

  • Retail – Tray package/roll stock
  • Food Service
  • Double certified organic and kosher
  • Halal

Seafood Program

  • Local/in season
  • Oysters/shellfish
  • Retail or foodservice
  • Faroe Islands seafood
  • Canada
  • Wild caught

Mosner Family Brand Mid-West Whole Cow Program

  • USDA organic/natural food service
  • High quality cattle
  • Retail ready

Abruzzo Wild Truffle Program

  • In season fresh black truffle mushroom
  • Fresh truffle cream and related items
  • *preorder only

NY Certified Organic Eggs Program

  • Certified organic by NOFA of NY
  • Cage Free
  • Soy-free feed
  • 1,500 dz. available per week with scalability
  • Pre-washed per NOFA organic codes
  • Achieved 5 Egg Ranking on the Cornucopia Institute Egg Scorecard

Gluten Free Sustainable Snack Program

  • WOW Baking
  • No Bake Cookies

Cold Press Organic Juice

  • Retail ready
  • Juice bar containers

Food Show Program

  • Ability to create a food show anywhere
  • Full demo program available