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Cut the hassle out of rules and regulations!

Put the power of the experienced food consultants at FTC to work for you! We can help wade through the technicalities, so you can focus on your core business.

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Need help with nutrition panels and food industry compliance? We can do that!

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Set up a free consultation with one of our food science consultants about your project to see how we can help you.

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Food Safety Consulting

Document your food safety / HACCP plan and ensure regulatory compliance. Create a Preventative Control Plan

Food Product Development

FTC’s food product development consulting services have a reputation of quick, efficient and effective service.

Food Label Consulting Services

FTC reviews all aspects of product of product labels, either the FDA or CFIA standards including ingredient declarations, nutrition facts panels, net content declaration, country of origin, bilingual content and translation, as well as manufacturer / importer statements. You will receive a details report of all the items that need to brought into compliance.

Food Label

Nutrition Labelling & Nutrition Facts Consulting

Create cost-effective nutrition facts from software analysis, saving hundreds of dollars over lab analysis.

Quality Assurance consulting

FTC’s Quality Assurance Consulting team assists with the design and implementation of integrated Quality Assurance Systems and Quality Control Systems.

Organic Certification Services

With the advent of a more natural and healthful lifestyle, many companies are starting to produce certified organic products.

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Food Label Consulting
Food Label Consulting
Food Label Consulting