Natural Health Products (NHP) and Dietary Supplement Consulting Service

Natural Health Products Consulting


Natural Health Products Consulting Services

Site License Applications

Facilities that manufacture, import, package and / or label Natural Health Products (NHPs), must obtain a site license.

FTC International's NHP Consulting Services facilitate the completion of the requirements for Site License Applications.

Natural Health Product Consulting

Product License Applications

Product Licenses are required for all Natural Health Products sold in Canada. In the Product License Applications (PLAs), you must prove that the remedy is safe and efficacious and that it meets all Quality Standards . You will first need a site license and a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Program.

Aromatherapy Natural health products consultants

GMP Documentation

Our Natural Health Product Consultants walk you through the process of designing, writing and implementing your Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Natural Health Products Consultants

Safety & Efficacy Research

New and unproven natural remedies must be proven to be both safe and efficacious. Our NHP Consultants can provide safety and efficacy research to help you determine whether a product will meet NHP regulatory requirements

Traditional Medicines Natural Health Products Consultant

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